Mustin Hosts ESWS Rodeo

Story By Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Devon Dow

SOUTH CHINA SEA – Guided-missile destroyer USS Mustin (DDG 89) corralled Sailors pursuing their enlisted surface warfare specialist (ESWS) qualification on the mess decks for an ESWS Rodeo, Oct. 6

The ESWS Rodeo is an event held once a week onboard Mustin where ESWS qualified Sailors volunteer their time to teach those pursuing their ESWS qualification.

The event, created by Mustin senior enlisted leadership, provides Sailors who attend, ESWS training with subject matter experts (SME) from different departments on the ship.  Topics range from ship specific, to common core training to first-hand walkthroughs of working spaces.

“If we are going to expect our Sailors to qualify ESWS in a certain amount of time, then we have to provide them a means to that end and the Mustin ESWS Rodeo is a very good way to do that,” said Mustin Command Master Chief (SW/AW) Steven Snyder.  “Many Sailors are volunteering their time to come down to the mess decks and provide ESWS training to their Shipmate’s. The response from the crew has been phenomenal.”

Mustin Sailors agree that the ESWS Rodeo is helping them reach their goal of completing their ESWS qualification.

“There are a lot of good resources available at the ESWS Rodeo, no matter what SME you need you can find them there,” said Sonar Technician (Surface) 3rd Class Juan Cadena. “It’s nice to be able to have them all in the same space, versus setting up times to go and see them that can conflict with your watch standing hours, or even theirs. “

“This is a great idea and is very beneficial for the crew,” said Seaman Ho Yu. “I like the group environment of the training. Seeing everyone else at the training working hard on ESWS can be very motivating. ”

Qualifying for ESWS requires Sailors to complete Personnel Qualification Standards (PQS) and be knowledgeable in the areas of ship’s maintenance and material management system, basic and advanced damage control and deck watches in port.

One all the specific requirements have been completed and signed off, Sailors must pass a written exam with a score of 80 percent; Sailors also have to conduct a walk through of selected department workspaces. During the walkthroughs, Sailors are required to identify important equipment and systems.

The final step in earning ESWS is to complete two oral boards. The “murder board” most widely known of the two onboard Mustin, is conducted by first class petty officers. The final board is the conducted by chief petty officers.

Operations Specialist 1st Class (SW) James Maudsley said the Mustin’s ESWS Rodeo is a positive step in the right direction to assist Sailors in gaining more Navy knowledge and further enhancing their skills.

“This program brings the crew together and helps our Sailors get the basic knowledge needed to become ESWS Warriors,” he added.  “I think the Mustin ESWS Rodeo benefits not only the individual Sailor, but also Mustin as a whole.”

Mustin, commanded by Cmdr. Joseph Ring, is one of seven guided missile destroyers assigned to Destroyer Squadron (DESRON 15) and is forward deployed to Yokosuka, Japan. Mustin is currently conducting a routine Western Pacific patrol in support of regional security and stability of the vital Asia-Pacific region.

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