USS Olympia visits Subic Bay during Western Pacific deployment

By Lt. Lara Bollinger, Submarine Group 7 Public Affairs
October 5, 2012

SUBIC BAY, Republic of the Philippines — The Los Angeles Class submarine
USS Olympia (SSN 717) arrived at Subic Bay Oct. 4 for a visit as part of her
deployment to the Western Pacific.

With a crew of approximately 140, Olympia will conduct a multitude of
missions and showcase the latest capabilities of the U.S. submarine force.

“Olympia is a multi-mission capable warship with an enthusiastic crew,
excited to make their first visit to the Philippines in a while,” said Cmdr.
Michael Boone, commanding officer of Olympia.  “We look forward to enjoying
the warm hospitality of the Filipino people and furthering the positive
relationship between our two countries.”

While most of Olympia’s crew is visiting the Philippines for the first time,
some of her crew members have close ties to the Philippines,

“I am excited to see my family again and eat some real Filipino food,” said
Fire Control Technician Seaman Arnoldnoel Bongbonga Andrade.  “I get to tell
my grandparents about the places I’ve visited, and about how I can’t wait to
finally complete my submarine qualifications and put on my dolphins.”

Named for the city of Olympia, Washington, this submarine is the second U.S.
ship to bear the namesake.  Olympia is home ported in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.

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