Pacific Ambassadors Perform at Hong Kong Disneyland


By Mass Communication Specialist 1st Class Joshua Karsten

HONG KONG – The U.S. 7th Fleet Band’s Pacific Ambassadors performed for crowds of tourists at Hong Kong Disneyland on Mar. 1, 2013.

The performance kicked off the start of their 2013 touring schedule throughout Asia and the western Pacific. This was the third year in a row the Pacific Ambassadors have visited Hong Kong Disneyland.

“We’ve been practicing our new performances and arrangements since November 2012,” said Musician 2nd Class Christopher Bougeois. “It’s good to show the people of Hong Kong how much we care about our partnership with this country. We showed everyone; not only musically, but personally how much we appreciate them.”

Crowds enjoyed a little taste of Americana during the performance along with genres such as jazz and rock and included movie and television theme music to complement the Disney spirit. During the set, the band performed such crowd favorites as “Brazil,” “Beat It,” and “Gangnam Style.” In the middle of the set, the Seventh Fleet Band’s Vocal Quartet and two guitarists performed “Seven Bridges Road” to an enthusiastic reception. For a final encore the entire band performed the ever popular “The Stars and Stripes Forever.”

“I’ve never experienced the U.S. Navy in such a unique way,” said Hong Kong Disneyland performer, Lesly Centewo. “Usually, everyone associates the military with the main characteristic of being stern. The 7th Fleet band was a great way to experience a different side of the U.S. Navy.”

The band’s performance was energetic and geared to appeal to a wide variety of musical tastes. After the performance, the audience had a chance to meet with members of the band and pose for photos further building on the relationship with the people of Hong Kong and the other nationalities that were in attendance.

“Our basic job is to make the people feel good,” said Chief Musician Mark Stout. “Our job as Navy Musicians when outside our country is to shed a positive image on the Navy and the United States. I feel we did that today.”

The Pacific Ambassadors are part of the U.S. 7th Fleet Band and are based out of Yokosuka, Japan.


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