FAST PAC Continues to Train As They Transit On Board USS Blue Ridge

Story by Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Toni Burton

PHILIPPINE SEA – Marines, assigned to Fleet Anti-terrorism Security Team Pacific (FASTPAC) continues their mixed martial arts training, while forward deployed on board U.S. 7TH Fleet flag ship USS Blue Ridge (LCC-19), May 28, 2013.

While deployed, the Marines are working on their Marine Corps mixed martial arts training. The training consist of class room and structural training, focusing on techniques to acquire grey or green belt level training that includes counter strikes and holds, armed manipulations, body sprawling and how to detain people.

“We are the 7th Fleet asset, and it is good being out here to show blue and green interaction,” said Maj. Marc Foster, FASTPAC commanding officer. “Getting back to our roots and being deployed on ship.”

FASTPAC, 1st Platoon, from Yorktown, Va., consisting of 52 personal, is forward deployed to Yokosuka, Japan, and is embarked aboard the Blue Ridge while on naval patrol, building maritime partnerships and conducting security and stability operations.

“We provide security to national assets and train so we can be ready for the unknown,” said Foster. “With consistent training, we can be ready to be first responder.”

FASTPAC is a crisis response force that provides enhanced security for immediate response to real-world events.

“Patrolling with the ship gives us an opportunity to exercise and practice skill set while working along side with the Navy,” said Staff Sgt. Melbin Medina, FASTPAC platoon sergeant.

Medina expressed the training teaches Marines how to be an overall warrior. “It has three core focuses that we teach: mental, physical and character of a Marine warrior, and we evaluate them,” he continued. “We teach the marine that he or she is forever learning. Through marital arts you can develop your mind, your physical fitness, and character as a gentleman.”

“Our mission is to be fast and deployable,” said Lance Cpl. Brinan Dodman. “To be the top of our game, so we train. Work out and fight everyday. I love the marines!”

FASTPAC is a U.S. Marine Corps Security augmentation force under the operational control of Commander, U.S. 7th FLEET.

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