Medical Training Benefits All in 7th Fleet

130614-N-QD718-014From U.S. 7th Fleet Public Affairs

JAKARTA, Indonesia – U.S. 7th Fleet medical officers and Indonesian doctors from Jakarta and the surrounding area met for discussions, training and an exchange of capabilities in Jakarta, Indonesia June 14, 2013.

Operational medicine was the focus of the international exchange of knowledge, with topics ranging from dentistry and preventative medicine to military focused situations such as combat medicine and dive/submarine medicine.

“Meaningful engagement with Indonesia’s military medical staff serve as outstanding opportunities to foster and build relationships based on mutual respect and professionalism,” said Lt. Cmdr. Alan Lam, Fleet Preventive Medicine Officer. “Often, host nations are eager to showcase their medical capabilities and expertise.  The flow of information goes both ways in these exchanges.  It enhances our own readiness and positively contributes to diplomacy.”

The talks are focused on learning the capabilities of each country how they can better assist each other in future operations. For both countries, it is a platform to showcase their abilities and how they perform medical operations in their military. The Surgeons office coordinates these exchanges months in advance with each country visited to further build relationships in the region and in the medical community.

“Interacting with the operational medicine teams from so many different nations greatly benefits all parties involved. It is more than just training and exchanging information on capabilities but it is an opportunity for the U.S. and partner nations to put on display what they bring to the table with regards to operational medicine,” said Senior Chief Hospital Corpsman Michael J. Bagley, Fleet Independent Duty Corpsman. “These interactions develop relationships which enhance the readiness of the Fleet, both in peacetime and during conflict”

Blue Ridge and embarked 7th Fleet staff are currently on patrol operating forward while building maritime partnerships and conducting security and stability operations.

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